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Scrubs and My Brother

November 7, 2011

Back during the summer of my junior year, a friend of mine convinced me to start watching a show called “Scrubs”. I marathoned all six seasons that summer, probably within the span of a week. It was the first time I remember running into the megavideo 72 minute limit. Scrubs had this irresistible quirky sense of humor while balancing it with some heavy handed morals. The show is one of my favorites and sometimes I’ll rewatch a few episodes out of nostalgia. The great thing about “Scrubs” is its cast. I really enjoyed Dr. Cox for his sarcasm and his repertoire with J.D., but the character I identified with most though would have to be Dan, J.D.’s older brother.

Dan was played by Tom Cavanagh as a whimsical, happy-go-lucky, fast-talking mess of a person. We’re first introduced to him when he’s living in his mom’s garage and his biggest promotion was to bartender. But Dan’s progression through the time of “Scrubs” was almost inspirational; by the time the series ended, he was a successful real estate agent and was making enough money to gift a Prius to J.D. Not exactly a compelling character on paper, especially if you take into account that you could count his appearances on the show with one hand. But it was what he did during his stints on the show that made his so great to me. It was his second appearance that really resonated, when he visits J.D. and Dan finds his younger brother becoming a cynical, callous doctor.

Besides being a great emotional scene, it made me take a step back and look at my own sibling relationship with my own younger brother. Would I be able to do the same thing? I like to think I would and that the opportunity hasn’t presented itself. Does he look up to me at all? Am I proud of him? Will our relationship as brothers deteriorate as we get older?

Among my group of friends, I’m fairly sure I’m the only one who has a sibling within two years of my own age. And our relationship has never really been ideal. It’s no secret I haven’t been an easy person to live with, especially since I went around with this self-entitlement all older brothers hold over their younger brothers. I would, as all older siblings would, disregard him to hang out with friends from school. I’ve always felt a certain responsibility to make my brother’s life easier but I’ve never acted on it, and it bothers me. In all honesty, I didn’t like having a younger brother because of this responsibility from my parents and from society. This resulted in fighting with him every chance I could get. Sometimes he would deserve it (most of the time, he deserved it), but there have definitely been fights born out of resentment for the other.

Some of my favorite times with my brother is when we’re fighting. Not like when we were younger, though not much has changed since then. We fight about everything and anything, but it’s how we’ve learned to keep entertain ourselves. We do it mostly because it’s fun and we make each other laugh during them because we say some pretty stupid things when we fight. I feel closest to him when we’re having these back-and-forths. I can’t speak for him, but when we are fighting, I feel most like myself.

I can’t imagine life without my brother. Life would certainly be easier, but I wouldn’t be the same person if it wasn’t for him. And it’s from these recent fights that this guilt of never doing anything for him has come up. But like all sibling relationships, ours is always evolving. I hope I can be a brother like Dan and look out for him, even when I’m not someone he sees as an older brother.