Happy Birthday?

Yesterday was my birthday. Officially Twenty. No clever tweets or slogans this year. Hell, not even any real celebration. Today I was happy just sitting at home, sleeping until noon-ish (still haven’t slept past noon this summer), and just enjoying what I once called daily routine. It was probably the best way I could have spent my 20th birthday.

But with my birthday comes my annoyance. Yeah. Annoyance. Even borderline fury. The source of this annoyance is facebook. It’s basically ruined birthdays for me. And all because people feel obligated to leave a “Happy Birthday!” on my wall. Just to let me know they were “thinking of me” today. And I can’t help but get infuriated at this. There are people who posted on my wall today that I haven’t talked to since even before graduation. People I haven’t seen in years. If I haven’t seen you in so long, why leave me a message? Why is today special? In fact, if all you can leave on my wall is just “Happy Birthday Alex” or some derivative, why are we even facebook “friends” at all? The converse is opposite. There are people that I genuinely thought would care about my birthday that I haven’t heard from. Why haven’t I heard from them? Guess I don’t leave quite the impression I thought I would.

I quite frankly don’t care that it was my birthday. I mean, sure it was an excuse to celebrate and have fun. But what’s it matter? Not if all of social networking ruins it for me. Give the impression that you care when you don’t. Letting people down when you do. And this is not to say that I’m not innocent of this at all, either. In fact, I rarely facebook people for their birthdays. If I’m going to wish them happy birthday, I want to say it to their face so they can see I genuinely wish them the best on their day. Or at the very least, personalize the message on AIM or facebook or whatever. What the fuck does a generic “happy birthday alex” do? No time to punctuate? Not even with a period? Or what, can’t elaborate on that? Can’t type some sort of “Missed you on that trip and see you next whatever”? Fuck. If you have nothing to say other than that, I’d rather you said nothing at all. Cause fuck it all, you obviously don’t care and you wouldn’t do anything if facebook didn’t conveniently remind you of my birthday.

So that’s it I guess. I am close to loathing my birthday. Which is to say it wasn’t a very happy birthday at all. Because of social networking. Fuck it all. Can’t wait to see it happen all over again next year. Fuck. I could punch a wall until my hand fell off  just thinking about it. Gotta respond to all these empty birthday wishes now.

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