“Shallow and Pedantic”

Every time I sit down or take time out to write something on wordpress, it feels like I’m trying to be Zach Braff on Scrubs. Preachy, pedantic, and just esoteric really. I think it’s because I haven’t really had an original thought.

That actually sounds a little hard on myself. I think a slightly better way to say it is that I feel like I haven’t ever really had an original thought. Among the many innocuous debates and oddities I like to think about is the fact that most things have already been thought. Many places of inspiration have been tapped by someone, somehow. Through photographs, through stories, through other works that have already been widely published. Thoughts and ideas are also, as someone put it (I think it was a Green Brother of the vlogbrothers), not scarce. It’s like the only thing that doesn’t deplete if consumed. It then gets into the whole thing about intellectual property and heavy topics, so I stop thinking about them. But it’s something that I visit a lot, especially when exposing myself to pop culture. Movies don’t seem to have a single original story or joke anymore. Most songs are about the exact same things (booze, booty, and parties). And everybody on any social networking site logs and regurgitates information found through someone else.

It surprises and frustrates me to find out how little originality there is in media. It seems to me that originality isn’t a treasured thing anymore. I just keep hoping that someone is able to prove me wrong.

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