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Taking a Look Back

April 6, 2010

Today I played soccer with my dad for the first time in what has to be at least a year. And I didn’t really play too well. I had gotten a minimal amount of sleep the night before, and had been pretty much active all day today. I got home at 8:00PM and left again with my dad to play soccer at 8:05PM. They played for I think it was about two hours straight. I couldn’t take it, partly because of the low energy from not sleeping or eating, and partly because I was really out of shape. I had to excuse myself from the game twenty minutes early. And they wouldn’t have stopped if the lights hadn’t turned off. But anyway, as I was walking around, cooling down, and catching my breath, I let my mind wander. It felt good, especially knowing that I did rather well on my finals these past couple days with the exception of Astronomy. Anyway, all of them I thought to be somewhat profound so I felt the need for my own prosperity, to jot them down. [List was omitted for reasons listed below.]

I wrote the above paragraph two weeks ago, the day I got back from Santa Cruz. I think my dad was really surprised that I even said yes to play with him cause he asked a couple times after that. After enjoying a week back home, it felt astonishingly like it did when I was still in high school. I assure you that it wasn’t because I was hanging around with high schoolers because I didn’t see much of them.

I was catching up on my RSS feed and decided to read doctorpon’s blog, who’s a friend of mine. I became really engrossed in his writing and entries. For some reason, it reminded me of how I used to write blogs when I was still in high school, between junior and senior year. Those types of blogs are all over the place, from Xanga to Blogspot and there may be a few on here. But I miss that and I feel like I haven’t written anything that inspires me in quite a long time. I thought I’d try to get in touch with that again by writing about the topics in the list I omitted from the first paragraph.

Hopefully, it’s a fruitful endeavor and it makes me feel, for the lack of a better word, “young” again. Either way, I hope you enjoy reading it.