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Common Cold with Onset Reminiscence

January 22, 2010

I don’t know if it was because I’m delirious or because I’m in a better state to remember these things but over the past few days, I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing. I think it was the combination of having the cold and it being refreshingly chilly and rainy for the past couple days.

These past couple days I thought of when I was in grade school. Back when, as much as I hate to admit it, didn’t have many friends. When I didn’t even dare to step out of the lines. When everything was simpler. And that didn’t bother me when I was remembering because of what I did remember. I remembered those days in the small classrooms with the puke green carpet. I remember waiting for class under the shelter. Watching movies during rainy days. Waking up early for YMCA soccer games. I remember waking up where I used to live before I moved. Going to Korean School while it was still rainy. Family bike rides to Stonestown. Playing on the Lakeshore Elementary playground. I remember being cold, wet, and sick and enjoying myself.

These past instances of reminiscence and remembering has been great. I didn’t even think I could remember that far, back to when I was seven or eight. And I couldn’t think of a time when I wasn’t happy, in whatever memory I stumbled upon. Maybe it’s because of rosy reflection or some unconscious repression of the bad memories, but I remember being perpetually happy as a kid. And I like to think that it was because I looked at everyday as a brand new opportunity to make a great memory.

Reminiscing is God’s way of reminding me that life was once worth living for each day. And that it still is.


Just Like We Wrote Back in ’03

January 21, 2010

It’s about that time again. There’s actually been a few things on my mind since the New Year has started.

And a lot’s happened to me, health wise. First of all, my tolerance for all ethanol has diminished to a point of nonexistence. Seriously, I had a one beer, ONE, and I got red faced and a little buzzed. This past weekend, Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend, I went skiing with my family and got sick. Yesterday, I had swollen lymph nodes and a really sore throat. I now have a slightly less sore throat and the shivers. I also discovered I’ve been putting a lot of strain on my left knee from snowboarding because It forced me to stop early on the slopes. Last night, I didn’t sleep because Gordon and I had a hour and forty-five minute argument/debate whether to classify Avatar as an animated movie or a live action movie with heavy visual effects. Point is I lost sleep.

School’s been a bit different too. This just might be the easiest quarter I’ve taken at Santa Cruz. I’m still trying to get everything finalized, but if it works out the way I want, no class at all on Tuesday or Thursday. I’ve decided (maybe a little prematurely) to major in Computer Science. I’m working towards that from now on and hopefully I can still graduate in four years. I’m looking for a summer job because I need to start making money somehow, someway. I’ve been watching a whole lot of more movies, animated or otherwise and right now I feel a little more than burned out from it all.

I don’t have anything thought provoking or vengeful to write about right now because I’ve been pretty mellow since the New Year’s started. Just a little bit of an update of what I’ve been up to. And if you’re wondering about the title, this is exactly the type of post I would have made in middle school – simple snapshots of my day, before I got down on myself. I like it better this way, doesn’t require as much thinking.