Obligatory End-Of-Year Post Version 2009

Well, that’s it for another year. First full year I’ve spent in college. And, not much has changed from high school. I’m still getting my butt kicked, not trying hard, and scolded for not trying hard. The format’s just different. Instead of every six months or so, it’s now every 13 weeks. Not a big change.

I pretend that the reason for my misgivings and shortcomings is that I want to pursue art. That seemed to be the culminating message that 2009 has been trying to tell me: Follow your dreams. To regret doing is better than to regret not doing. And despite all of the very in-your-face messages and signs, I’m going to disregard it all. Dreams are for dreaming. At least, that’s what I’m going to have to go with for now.

Second year in a row makes it tradition right? Here are this year’s New Year Thank Yous:

Thank you to the following people for making 2009 what it was, for better or worse: Lauren for making this summer one to remember. Ishaan for being you and always being up for a good time. Chris for helping me academically. Thomas for being the big brother I kinda wish I really had. Gordon for introducing me to photography and putting up with my short-sightedness. Michelle for being someone I can reminisce with. Steph for being fun to be with. The Whitlatch Twins for reminding me what having fun with the boys is. Andrew for keeping every moment spent in his company anything but boring. Dad for teaching me there’s more to life than being young.

This year’s list feels short, and that’s a shame. And unlike last year, I’m going to make a goal. A year long goal that I really do hope comes true. Don’t give people the chance to give you shit. Not even your parents. My first step is to know I can succeed. Doing what I want to do is the next.

I sincerely hope all of you had a wonderful, or at least memorable 2009s and that 2010 gives you more happiness than you thought possible.

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One Comment on “Obligatory End-Of-Year Post Version 2009”

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