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Back Down Again

September 20, 2009

Like all blog posts, this is written as a means of procrastinating. Not from homework. Not from chores. Not from having to pick up friends. From packing. After a lot of indecision, I’m going back to University of California, Santa Cruz for another year of academic learning. But only for academic reasons.

I think I did the most growing this summer. At the very least I had an amazing summer. June was the first month, with the house to myself along with my brother, doing whatever we pleased, even bringing friends home at the wee hours of the morn. Summer school and City College Track were some of the best times I’ve ever spent inside an institution of learning. Los Gatos meets and the trips down there were a lot of fun and memorable. Going to AX was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Going to Camp Royenah again. Planning and executing an actual field trip to Six Flags in Vallejo. Visiting Berkeley a grand total of three times. Two trips down to Los Angeles. And, of course the other smaller, no less significant events that made up this summer. Swimming, basketball, lunches, ice skating, tag, late night bowling, movies, mahjong… Besides high school senior year, probably the only part of my life that I want to live over again.

I’ve realized a lot about myself and about how I act around others. I complain a lot. I tend to be late all the time. I make promises I don’t keep. I get offended easily. I’m not happy at Santa Cruz At all. And those are negative things to learn about oneself, but I hope it helps me become a better person and eventually get my things in proper order.

This was written less as an introspective, round about way of improving myself (though not in any means not here), but more of a reminder to myself. Of what I did, who I met, and where I went this summer. I hope my coming summers are just as good, if not better.

I have a feeling, down the road, I’ll be sitting on a bar stool with friends, and no matter who it is, start great conversations with “Hey, remember the summer of ’09…”