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July 26, 2009

Today, July 26th, 2009, is the last day of ComicCon International. And from seeing things from sxephilWong Fu, and The Stunt People have made it very clear to me that I want to be there badly. The hype from all the booths and events that are going to be there is all great in of itself, but there are a couple reasons why I really want to go next year, if I can.

  1. AX 2009 – A good time as any to say that Anime Expo this year was amazing. The fact that it was my first convention for anything made it all the more awesome. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the experience. But, I learned the gist of what con going is, and I have to say it was a lot of fun. From the panels we went to, to the expo hall, to the cosplayers (GAH! the cosplayers), to artist alley, to general shenanigans, to geeking out openly about anime. AHMAHGAH. And that fact that ComicCon is supposed to be bigger and better than even that just blows my mind.
  2. DeviantArt – I lurk on DA. A LOT. And a lot of the artists I follow on DA are con goers. Given what was in the first reason, you’d expect them to be all anime fanartists, but there are a lot of serious artists that go to ComicCon, if nothing else but to see what’s new in the animation world. They sell their own side projects and other pieces of art that they wouldn’t have a chance to sell otherwise. And a lot of aspiring artists go for work. Yeah. Work. ComicCon is so big, that major studios like Cartoon Network, Marvel, DC Comics, Dreamworks, etc. have booths there so artists can submit work and apply for jobs. And that just makes me really giddy.
  3. The Cosplay – Yeah, it’s dumb. Yeah, it’s expensive. Yeah, it’s geeky to a fault. But it’s just too cool. When you see these costumes and the amount of work they put into them, how can you not appreciate them. And not surprisingly, some of them are very very well done. It’s a lame reason to want to go, I’ll admit, but it’s just as good of one for me as the other two.
  4. The Cutting Edge – ComicCon is not just another anime convention. It’s a convention for all types of comics, animation, and games. Meaning that a lot of American companies and studios, comic or TV, pay attention to and hype up ComicCon. Some even go themselves and subject themselves to being asked uncomfortable, stupid questions by hard-core, slightly pathetic fans. And sometimes, they’ll preview stuff before it’s even set to air or publish. Avatar and Heroes comes to mind. But if you follow any kind of series, the  odds are good that ComicCon will have an event about your interest.

…aZooRe, let’s go to ComicCon 2010. And let’s drag tommy with us. I’m itching for the chance to go.


Greetings from Japan~

July 17, 2009


So my brother came back from Japan about five days ago. And had planned on doing a post long before now, but I never got around to it. He got me some unusual trinkets and somethings that I feel dirty for having, but that’s O.K. It’s show and tell time, blog style. (more…)

Pole Vault Chicks Are Hot.

July 6, 2009

Especially her, Lim Eun-ji.

More pictures here.

Now, I could do an update on my experience of AX, but I find that blogging about memories makes them less substantial and meaningful, so I might not all together. We’ll see.