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Summer 2009: Month One

June 30, 2009

So not quite a month yet, but close enough that it might as well be and long enough between blogs for it to be relevant to my life.DSC00509

So I’ve been hanging out a lot since summer started. I think the amount of time I’ve spent outside the house equals the amount of time I spent outside the house last summer. I’m almost not kidding about that. The downside is that I’ve been spending a buttload of money. Like a sh*t-ton. No joke. But in the end, I think it worth it. Right now, my parents are home with my brother is gone to Japan, a complete switch from last time. Still the same though.

So a progress report on my first college summer. Summer school’s really boring, but so worth it after I found out Marcus, Jenny, and Roan are all in that class. In actuality, I don’t spend much time taking notes, though I do take notes. Most of the time is spent drawing. A Lot. A crazy amount actually. But all in all, some good clean fun.

After class is track workouts which is amazing. It feels incredible to be working out again, especially after eight months of no real physical work. Getting in shape feels so incredibly good. And after that is usually where most of my money gets pulled. Hanging out with Lowell Track. And it’s been loads of fun. I got a chance to talk to a lot of people that I never even noticed on the team while on the team. Examples: the Gaos, Steph Hyunh, Carol, Nelson, the list could go on. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Except maybe my first anime con. Which I should be packing for right now. Cosplay is a possibility but not a certainty. No doubt you’ll see pictures of me somewhere online from it before this time next week. I’m spending a huge amount of money for it, so I’m hoping it’s worth it.

    But before I could go, I was brought along with my parents to see their new condominium downtown by Civic Center. I gotta say, I wish I lived there now. I loved the space. My first impression was between a really swanky hotel and my grandparents’ place in Korea. And if you know me, that is singing high praises. I am a fan of small places so this spot was amazing. Honestly, before I saw it I wasn’t too thrilled but now, I’m genuinely happy that they now own that particular apartment space.

    Oh I’m taking part in meets again! Well Los Gatos All-Comer Meet, but still it’s the first couple meets I’ve been a part of during college. And my marks aren’t great ones. As of right now, my marks for this summer are:

    • 100m – 12.28 sec
    • 60m – 7.72 sec
    • LJ – 18’2″
    • TJ – 35’9″

    And my current PRs as far as I can dig up are:

    • 100m – 12.09 sec
    • 150m – 18.4 sec
    • 400m – 60.0 sec
    • LJ – 18’8.5″
    • TJ – 39’5″

    I love summer. In particular, this summer.


    Begin: Summer 2009

    June 13, 2009

    I intend to sleep soon, and if you don’t know, this is actually really early for me.

    So my freshman year of college is officially over. I’m currently home alone with only my brother. My parents are gone until June 21st. Grades aren’t due out for another couple days, I think. But this past school year has been by far the most interesting thing I have ever done. I was definitely out of my usual comfort zone. Not that living with other people. I got used to that very fast actually. Just the shenanigans that we got into throughout the year. Between, the constant need to party hard, being on point, haunting the girl across the hall, getting chowdered out on your mom with her exquisite titties with the likes of OG Glacier and the newly renamed Fattie Ice. Yeah, it was definitely a weird year.

    And it wasn’t just a learning experience socially. This spring quarter, especially was a learning experience in what works for me in terms of studying and what doesn’t. Hopefully that’s reflected in my grades when the come out. (I’m talking to you, Tromba.)

    But onwards to Summer, 2009. And hopefully, everything goes according to plan this year, starting with those grades. (Tromba.) A hopefully incomplete list of things to do this summer:

    • Summer school from the 15 to July 26th.
    • Anime Expo from July 1st to the 5th.
    • All-Comers meets regularly.
    • Learn how to play StarCraft.
    • Go to Berkeley on a massive food run/tour.
    • Visit Royenah. Again.
    • Get a fixie and/or go night riding downtown.

    There’s so much I want to do this summer. I hope I can do it all. Oh and before I go, I’ve folded and given in. aZooRe got me into teh twitter. Ugh. Disgusting thing. Tsk, tsk.

    Can You Play the Cajon? Because the Cajon is an awesome instrument.