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Party Like Its 2006

April 26, 2009

2006 was a good year. And I’m not just saying that.

So it’s been about a month since the beginning of Spring quarter. And I’m already very very bored. The monotony of college life, despite it’s excitement, is getting to me. It’s the same cycle, day to day, week to week. And it’s been getting to me. A week ago, for some inexplicable reason, started watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which I found out about in 2006-ish. Some great stuff, by the way. And that led to a gradual regression to my sophomoric self. I started listening to Asian Kung Fu Generation again, along with AquaTimez. I again realized the appeal of watching Naruto and Bleach, despite the pitfalls and the drawn out delivery.

This immersion into weeabo-ness cultimated into Japanese pop culture just got me into a remanisant mood. I started thinking about 2006 and how it was a really good year, despite the angst and emo-ness that is also associated with it. And thinking about that year, and high school makes me very melancholic, knowing that nothing’s going for me now that I’m away from all of that.

On another note, I’ve been thinking more about my future, and whether I should really be pursuing a science major, specifically biology. And the more I think about it, the more a degree in animation looks more appealing. And the more I think about that, I’m intimidated by those animation students I’ve found out about via DA. And that, freezes me in indecision.

2006 was a great year. I wish I could relive it.



April 20, 2009

Today is the day that many people associate with the school I attend: UC Santa Cruz. It is as of right now, 3:50PM, about 30 minutes before the big event. Though, in fact, not many people thought school was mandatory today. My TA for “Our Changing Planet” comment that he appreciated us coming to section on what he called “a very important day for UCSC”.

I rarely talk about class, but first time for everything. I went to class in the morning, but not my Calculus class. I had to go because I had a Chemistry midterm that admittedly, did not study for, and most likely did not pass with flying colors, if at all. I didn’t go to Calculus because as another associate of mine said “It is balls hot outside”. It is currently 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And that is as it’s cooling down. And it’s ridiculous. Another thing I found out about myself is that I have allergies. Most likely. A dust allergy, possibly pollen. I’ve had a congested nose, sneezing, groggy head, and tired. Which sucks.

All in all, it has been very for the lack of a better adjective, suck.  So, to sum it all up:

the heat + the allergies + the fail = SUCK

Video Spam

April 7, 2009

My goodness, just a bunch of stuff I thought I’d put here. 

This last one, I can’t embed, because the author disabled it. but click on it. it’s so worth it.

Notte Sento (English subtitles) from napdan on Vimeo.

Footsteps Retraced

April 4, 2009

Went to the Vietnamese Student Association’s 3rd Annual Charity Culture Show. Very much worth the $10 dollars I paid to go. And there are some things I must say to anonymous people.

To the Girl in Purple: Wow, you were awesome. I have a feeling you choreographed that entire piece and I have to say well done. Amazing performance. The fact that you’re amazingly hot did not hurt at all, either.

To Hipster Girl: Don’t try to be seductive, you won’t be. ever. Also, don’t dance. It’s definitely not a strong suit for you.

To The Girl with Short Hair: Just as hot as Girl in Purple. There’s all that I can say . Hope to see you around campus. 

To Heckler: Good news! I found you a little sister. My roommate hooked me up and now she’s here! Allow me to introduce Isabella:Baby Sister


April 1, 2009

ATTN International Secret Agent:

You have been assigned a highly time sensitive recon mission. Your partner will be one Agent Dateh, Paul and your assignment is to observe and chronicle the development of The Far*East Movement

First, a basic description of your partner. He is a talented agent, always urging his partners to Be More. However, he is selective of what gadgets he takes on missions, quoted as saying, ” Whatever I Choose, I have to be in Control“. His codename is “Celtic Blues” and Goes Around the world finding interesting music. He often uses unorthodox methods to boost morale, ranging from requesting you to Play That Song to simply saying “Be Strong“. In addition to his field work, he is prompt on turning in mission summaries, though always leaving them Untitled 1. Don’t let him down agent. Who Knew that he depends on you so heavily, and Without You Here he’d be toast. 

Next, onto your mission. The phenomenon that is The Far*East Movement. The Animal population is growing at an alarming rate. They carry out their itinerary with ruthless efficiency, often yelling their creed “Get My Money” and Lowridin’ in convertibles. These beasts have a strange Fetish for those who stay out All Night, often recruiting them in their order. They run a cover operation in the form of a night club called 3D whose motto is “I Party and Do What I Want“. They boast of always having Girls On The Dance Floor. The head of the organization is a Millionaire and usually, She’s On The Move. There is a note that says she admires those who Dance Like Michael Jackson and appreciates A Beautiful Day. Your objective is directly correlated with how close you can get to this woman. And when in need of assistance, You’ve Got A Friend in your partner. 

The deadline for this mission is technically indefinite. However, it is a strong suggestion you go out and learn as much as you can about the mission’s objectives as well as your partner. Godspeed, Agent.