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Anime Withdrawal

March 28, 2009

If you didn’t know this about me already, I go hard core when I read manga or watch anime. No, seriously. Like HARD core. Like diamonds.


My usual cycle is avoidance, hook, obsession, and depression.I’ll try to avoid the things I actually think are interesting to avoid being sucked into it. I’ll eventually cave in and watch or read the first installment, instantly hooking me in. This is where it gets ridiculous. I’ll obsess about it. One example is I”s. I read that manga in one night and it’s approximately 15 volumes, or 170 some odd chapters. I basically pulled an all nighter to start and finish it. And depending on how it held up, and how good the ending was, I’ll get depressed over it because it’s done.

The reason why I bring this up is because I have just finished a really good one, Toradora, which I mentioned last time. I have told everybody I know who could have even the slightest interest in it to go watch it. But I just finished it. And without it, I’ve been bored out of my mind. Which brings me to now. I’m currently looking for another good anime/manga/obsession to pick up. Any suggestions?


Sour Oranges Sound Good Right Now

March 19, 2009

What a peculiar day today. It was the start of finals, but oddly enough, I was first to wake up at 6:35 or so. Woke up in a good mood, might even say fantastic. Dressed comfortably, put on sweats and hoodie and went to take a final I was certain I’d fail. But I don’t think I did too bad, spent maybe two hours in there, and went for a walk afterwards. Turned in my Linguistics essay, and went back to my room, only to sleep until 4:00PM. Woke up and went to Joe’s with my roommate. Spent maybe an hour shooting the breeze. Went to eat at 7:00-ish. Spent three hours in the library to study for Math. And I have been here, in this spot for the past four hours now. And my day has yet to go downhill. I feel good only because I expect of the following four things:

  1. We had LA weather today. It was warm enough to lounge in basketball shorts and tee. Sun didn’t set until about six. Everywhere I went, it reminded me of LA or Korea.
  2. Toradora! Wow. Such amazingness. The openings and endings were so catchy, I didn’t mind they were stuck in my head as I took my final.
  3. Good music. You Ruined Everything (Live) — Jonathan Coulton and Owl City today.
  4. I’m going home Friday, to a Wong Fu concert. And not only that, but I’m more than likely to spend the week of freedom coaching Lowell Track. I’m psyched.

I haven’t had a day like this in a long time. I find it ironic that my best day comes when my educational career is at stake, but at least it came. For today, life was good.

Emo Much?

March 15, 2009

Disclaimer: The following has strong overtones of self-loathing and pathetic banter. If you are in a good mood, do not particularly care, or are nursing, please consult your better judgement before preceding and reading the rest of this particular post. (more…)