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25 Things

February 19, 2009

It’s been floating around on facebook for a while, and I’ve been tagged around ten times now. I figure it’s time to write one of these things. Now, where to begin…

  1. I’m always thinking about work. Even when I’m goofing off or procrastinating, I’m thinking about the work I should be doing. Ironically, I wait for the last possible second to do said work.
  2. I can eat a surprising amount of food. This is because I used to race my dad finishing dinner as a kid. The daily ritual has cursed me with an elastic stomach that will not get full for under $15.
  3. If you don’t intimidate me, then I will be brutally honest to you. Depending on who you ask, very brutally, apparently. 
  4. I’m a mainstream whore. I quite enjoy the stuff and find it much more satisfying than all the other bands people haven’t heard of. Plus, most of the “indie” bands I find seem to go mainstream as soon as I find them anyway.
  5. I laugh at most anything. I have a very broad sense of humor. From the random to the racist to the stupid. 
  6. I resist saying no. Because it hurts people’s feelings. And makes me unliked, but not as much it seems, as being a commitophobe that not saying no has made me. 
  7. I enjoy making confusing sentence structure that, if the person I was talking to sat and thought it out, would make perfect sense to them. 
  8. I can sleep anywhere, in any position, through anything. Just ask my roommates. 
  9. It seems my happiness is directly correlated to the amount of complex carbohydrates that I have had. So if I ever seem anti-social or angry, feed me a pretzel or some banana bread.
  10. I am not technologically friendly. I have broken every phone I have ever owned except one, have broken and crashed almost every laptop I’ve owned, and have played a hand in all of my iPod’s pre-mature deaths. Another ironic point, I am the “tech-savvy” person in my household.
  11. I used to be a nerd. I am now a geek. The difference? A nerd is smart and interested in things considered geeky. A geek isn’t smart but still interested in geeky things. 
  12. I’m very active. I at one time or another, played soccer, ran track, and practiced martial arts. I personally wish I had enough time to do all three. Third ironic point of this dang list: I’m very very lazy. 
  13. I personally believe I have a oral fixation and slight OCD. I enjoy chewing on things. I also have spurts of cleanliness that must be listened to every three weeks or so, lest I become uncomfortably jittery.
  14. My first memory of my life is me waiting to cross the street into Golden Gate Park, telling the toddler whose hand I was holding that the way you get ice cream at home is that it’s delivered to your house. 
  15. Had things worked out differently, with me knowing all the facts, I would have most likely been an animator, preferably for Disney or Pixar. 
  16. I am most likely the only Korean you will or have ever met that has not at one point in his life played StarCraft. I am also not a gamer. I like to think I’m mediocre at games, but I am not above looking at walkthroughs to finish a game. The last three games I’ve finished, I needed a walkthrough, for example.
  17. I think of random things. For example, if I was a professional soccer player, I would like to be endorsed by Adidas. However, if I was a professional track runner, I would like to be endorsed by Nike. I also think about things such as flip-flop noises.
  18. I enjoy traveling. A corollary would  be I like airports and airplanes. One of my goals before I die is to travel one region of the world well.
  19. My color of preference, not favorite color, is red. Because of my brother, relatives would buy similar gifts for both of us and I would get the red set while he got the blue set. Irony point: People tell me that I don’t look good in red. 
  20. I enjoy complaining. If I complain to you, you don’t really have to listen intently. Just enough to nod and agree. I don’t like dealing with my problems, I’d much rather complain them off onto you. 
  21. When I was accepted to Lowell, I heard many stories about staying up to the wee hours of the morning. It was one of the reasons why I stay up late, and consequently, brag about how little sleep I had gotten the night before. 
  22. People who have frequent habits annoy me. For example, people who say “like” every other word and who smack their lips when eating.
  23. I’m very white. I can’t dance, or sing. I have a tendency to try not to step on peoples’ toes, which interestingly enough seems to annoy people. 
  24. If you don’t know this, that fact alone is remarkable. The only legitimate all-nighter that I have ever pulled was to read the English version of the final book of Harry Potter, a fact that I am particularly proud of. 
  25. There was this one book, the title I forget the name of, that told the tale of a Korean teen wandering a post-apocalyptic time with no adults. I have since day dreamed that I was in a similar situation. It was conjured when I was about 12 and has stuck with me as my most often visited day dream.

You happy?


Starstuck at the Pro-Am

February 17, 2009

So this weekend, Valentine’s Day to be exact, I didn’t spend it with chocolate or flowers or any of that stuff. I spent it with my dad and my uncle at Pebble Beach, CA for the Pro-Am Golf Tournament.

 The deal is that my dad works for this company, and gets two tickets for this tournament every year. This year, he invited me and so I went. Because its a very high level tournament, it’s televised and it’s got some great luxuries.

The main draw of this Tournament is that celebrities participate as amateurs, including Ray Romano, Kevin James, Luke Wilson, George Lopez, and Justin Timberlake.

It was a good Valentine’s Day.

The History of My Hair

February 12, 2009

I’m not that big on following blogs. I don’t follow too many, compared to others anyway. But I do follow the Wong Fu blogs. All three of them. Or rather two. Wesley does not do the xanga thing anymore. But while it was alive and kicking, he wrote this one entry that I thought was genius. It was entitled “Anatomy of a Post-Grad Conversation” And after rereading, “hair” seems to dominate much of my post high school grad conversations, whenever I can have them. And it got me thinking, I’ve done a lot to my hair since 8th grade. I honestly don’t think I’ve gotten the same haircut more than a couple times. And since I haven’t done anything in a while, I will treat you to a history of my hair. Maybe I’ll talk to you about other things besides hair after I’m finished with this. The detailed story after the jump. (more…)