New Year “Thank You”s

This was THE transition year. The year where I became legal and graduated high school. Supposed to be one of the most memorable years of my life. And one thing I have to say is I think this year was one of the most volatile years of my young, young life. I had so many ups and downs, it almost seems ridiculous. College applications, the disappointment from those applications, more high school dances, curious haircuts, great roommates, rocky starts, rockier finishes, it’s all in the year 2008. Anything that you could feel, from either side of the spectrum, I’ve probably felt in this past year. Melodramatic, I know, but just to give you a sense of how 2008 treated me. 

This time last year, I still had a xanga. And I still do, technically. I think it’s the diary I never wrote down. I can’t just get rid of it. It’s hard. Also, last year, I made new year resolutions. I failed all of them. Well, most of them. I didn’t get much done, and got the short end of the stick more often than not. There’s such a disconnect from then and now, and it’s really really hard to stay motivated about promises you made spontaneously one day. So I think I’m done with that. No more resolutions for me, not ever (probably). Instead I’m gonna take a page out of Phil’s book. If I had to choose a role model or idol of blogging, it would be him. The first real blog that I ever followed has got to be his, and I feel that this is the best way to say goodbye to the old, by thanking people for making my transition year memorable.

Thank you to godbrother Chris Shinn for talking me through the rough patch that was college applications. Thank you to Thomas Tran for being a cool kid and letting me tag along and for being a great coach. Thanks to Seth Wong for being the soccer hooligan that I can’t live without. Thanks to Edward Cho for always keeping the 10 minutes of REG interesting. Thanks to Gordon Huang for keeping me humble. Thanks to Jessica Wong for keeping me social. Thank you to Riza Inumberable for being the rock online. Thank you to Melinda Wong for being the greatest friend that I could ask for. Thank you to Rayson Lui for keeping me balanced. Thank you to Pheobe Tang for letting me know how big of a dork I am. Thank you to Lauren Jeong for talking to an old geezer like me and sharing in some of my obsessions. Thanks to Amanda Arenas for making me feel like the stud I’m not. Thank you to the Class of 2008 for making my Senior year memorable. Thank you to the Track and Field team of 2008 for making my Senior season awesome. Thank you to Geneva House floor 2,3, and 4 for making college what it was meant to be. And for everybody else who I failed me mention, Thank you for making 2008 the most memorable year of my life.

So that’s it for 2008. Hopefully 2009 will be much, much kinder to me. Hope to see you all in the new year. 

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4 Comments on “New Year “Thank You”s”

  1. melinda Says:

    anytime 🙂

  2. phoebe Says:

    thank you for being such a dork and for spelling my name wrong (which i Hope is a sign of your dorkiness and not just an abject failure at life)

  3. azoore Says:

    and wtf youre not an old geezer. youre like..not even a year older than me. (351 days older to be exact)

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