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Merry Christmas~

December 25, 2008

So this will be the obligatory Christmas post. Ironically, it won’t be be about Christmas in the direct way.

I’ve logged on in the past couple days and just wrote angry rants and such about things that I never really intended to publish. Basically, my parents were still riding me about grades and how I was sick of them and it and how it prevented us from enjoying our break. For those wondering, I received a GPA of 2.80 and my parents are telling me to reconsider my major. But onto more savory topics.

I got my Wong Fu stuff earlier. I got a NG shirt, and both DVDs for the price of $61. I didn’t get the right size for the shirt but I’m O.K. with that. I watched both DVDs and enjoyed them very much. Wong Fu’s got some really good stuff. And since you know, I’m the only person who likes them, I’ll lend my stuff out. Except my shirt. That’s mine.

I leave you with some music. Cover of Misery Business that is very well done. Turn down your volume.
Original by JerkRant. I quite enjoy this song and wouldn’t mind hearing a clean version of it.

So before I go, I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. Enjoy it with family, with friends, with Santa. Hopefully, your holiday season is more enjoyable than my own. And if you want to go hang out, I’m down. I’m so bored by myself.


Bad News Right Away

December 12, 2008

Mom: “So things haven’t been too good this past week.”

Me: “What happened?”

Mom: “Do you want to hear the news that affects you more?”

Me: “Yeah, sure.”

Mom: “Your car got stolen.”

Me: “Wow. What else happened?”

Mom: “Umm… That’s it.”

But on the plus side, I slept from 9PM to 2:30PM. A total of 15+ straight hours of sleep. It’s good to be home.

Project X-mas Update

December 6, 2008

Current Length: 20 Songs 

Current Time:  1hr

I am not a Perv

December 1, 2008

I just thought I would make that clear (Azoore). I am not a Perv. And If I am, at least it’s manageable. 

Anyway, I haven’t done this whole blogging thing in a while and I thought I would get it done. Only because I know I’m gonna do it later anyways. Because of the research paper that I have yet to research, let alone start. So by doing it now (11:27AM) I will be deterred from doing it later (3:45AM Tomorrow). 

Going home makes these two weeks at school more unbearable. Because it’s a measly two weeks. I’d rather not have Thanksgiving off and just power through it. But one good thing happened. I was able to download torrents at home again. Although what I got was not music, rather, the teacher edition of my Calculus book. I believe it to be a good choice. I did get new music though. Some holiday songs, some Dave Melillo, Some Girl Talk thanks to Hypster. Saw some friends. So a good break all around. Aside from the return to Santa Cruz. I hate this “city”. JK. But really. 

So I’ve started a new project, to usher in the new month. Happy December, by the way. Initiate Project X-mas. Vers. 0.0:

There is an over-representation of Daphne Loves Derby, I know. But that is only because I already had those songs. 

These two weeks cannot go by fast enough. Observe the difference it’ll make.