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An Update of Sorts.

October 27, 2008

I’m doing well. Eating enough.

Sleeping it seems a lot more because I have much more time on my hands. I refuse to read for work anymore. I don’t read for pleasure, only because I have yet to pick up a book to read. I now play my DS regularly. I have a solid A in Chemistry and a solid B in Calculus. I have picked up drawing again. Even if only to neglect my homework for a little longer.

I’m as indecisive as ever. I still enjoy sarcasm immensely. I am in the midst of a decision to buy a bicycle. I am also considering picking up photography. And I am still the greatest track head that you will ever meet. The proof:

“The adidas adiStar Sprint is a top tier track spike for those sprinters who want their shoe to fit like a second skin. Synthetic upper with hook-and-loop closures provides variable adjustment and support. Foam insole adds comfort. Pebax® and TPU plate with replaceable spike elements offers lightweight performance and durability. Wt. 7.0 oz.”


What Do You Think?

October 21, 2008

So it has come to my attention that many people believe that I resemble Kevjumba of Youtube. I’m not sure how to take that, so I have compiled the following exhibits on the matter:

Exhibit A: The Original [Taken from his Five Facts Video]

Exhibit B: The Impostor [Taken by Mel-Anges while video chatting last week]

Exhibit C: The Comparison [What do you think?]

You Know You’re Homesick When…

October 20, 2008

-When the nuances of residential living start to creeping into the forefront of your mind.

-When you begin to miss the “monotonous” dinner usual of rice and kimchi.

-When you wish you had your own room. 

-When hanging out with people was easy because there were so many places to go.

-When your professor says there are high end boutiques in the Mission District and you laugh.

-When you miss the tall buildings so much, you wish you couldn’t see the sky.

-When you end up not staying clean because the bathroom is much farther than it used to be.

-When you start looking for even one reason to wear the jackets you brought.

-When your in-class daydreams revolve around track meets of yesteryear.

-When you start missing being insulted in your face by someone smaller than you. Even slightly.

-When one of your favorite past times is to lock and unlock your high school locks. 

-When the people you talk to are still at home. 

-When you start drawing the people you left behind.

-When you start missing the feeling of having your sides ache from laughing with friends.

-When the pain that comes with a conditioning practice starts sounding attractive.

Just because I don’t say I miss home doesn’t mean I don’t. You have no idea how much I miss my old life. It’s unbearable at times.

Quintessentially Santa Cruz

October 15, 2008

So i’ve been in Santa Cruz for around a month now, and I’ve noticed some things about this ho-dunk town. And I’m not a photographer, so all these are phone photos, but I couldn’t help but share these with you.

A synthetic potted plant found at Benten Sushi downtown. A marijuana plant. 

The rims of a white pick up truck I saw on my way back from class. 

For the hypster.

I just really liked these socks.

OK, not Santa Cruz, but I just needed to point out I have never seen a more generic looking label before.

Finger cots, you say?

I get my cookies delivered. How about you?

Go Veg!

I always secretly wondered if there were actually toys of this…

The picture is dark, but there was a hick band playing downtown. Complete band included: A washboard, a mandolin, a banjo, an accordion, and a hick bass (a long stick with a elastic band mounted on a washtub). Oh, and the genre of music they played: Death metal-esque. No joke. 

That’s all for now. I’m sure more to come…

On an unrelated note, my Calculus textbook smells like red wine. Curious.

Track Anyone?

October 14, 2008

Today I went down to the East Remote Field. This is what I wore. It always reminds me of running.

I ran for 10 minutes. I did a bunch of running drills. I did four strides about 75m. I stretched afterwards. I came home at 9:30. I slept until 11:30.

Just like back at home…

I miss Track. More than you can imagine.


October 12, 2008

I’m currently avoiding continuing on the mountain of homework that I have to do. So let’s go into some music. 

Priscilla Ahn is quite pretty. Probably the only thing that compares is her beautiful voice. She happens to be half-Korean. 

I found Esther Haejin Lee on to find covers of Ms. Ahn.  As far as I can tell, she’s full Korean. 

And she led me to Ms. Jennifer Chung and Ms. Sarah Kim. (Both Korean)

They in turn, led me to Melissa Sonico who is not Korean.

I have a real knack of finding musical Koreans. AND they’re all girls. What the heck, man. I feel like a creeper. 

I smoked last night for the second time and was high for the first. 

It made me sleepy.

Nonsensical Musings Pt. 2

October 7, 2008

Part two of the series that started in Korea of nonsensical musings. And they are as follows. 

I was online today and while online, talked to my brother and told him how my music library has been really stale due to the fact I can’t hear his music. We tried getting them onto my computer, but failed epically. So I went on grooveshark, a parting gift from floob. I just went back to that page and listened to Love Fool by New Found Glory. I turned on autoplay to listen to similar songs and so forth. I then got to thinking of trying to find other Lowellites that are on the blogger. So I went here (I’m not quite sure who this is, but am positive she (I think it’s a she) is a Lowellite). I found yojoho (guess who) and browsed there. I came to the conclusion that I shall name my potential daughter Jaimie, because they seem to be very beautiful young ladies. I wandered to Freakonomics to find the list of future popular names found in chapter 6. I was unsuccessful. I also had two other sudden thoughts. I really liked the song On My Way by Off by One. The other was I should incorporate more photos. I should take more photos of campus. 

I need to stop thinking so much.