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Blogging 101

September 27, 2008

Hello class. I have been asked to write about what to blog about. However, I lack a good idea of what to suggest about this subject. So I shall instead go step by step of how to start a blog. 

  1. Start with a good name. Maybe something dealing with your topics.
  2. Choose a site. (blogger, wordpress, livejournal, etc.)
  3. Think of good theme. (fashion, style, college, white people, sports, etc.)
  4. Find things to blog about. (google news, personal experience, other blogs, etc.)
  5. Write.

Hope it’s helpful.


Side Project #1

September 23, 2008

I have been inspired to do this by a rather strange yet intense game of Question and Answer with a good friend. I will endeavor to find online surveys and answer them one by one on a separate page. It will be named “The Survey Project”. View if you so wish.

I would also like to note that caddywompus (“askew, crooked, not quite right.” – and kerfuffle (“a noisy disturbance or commotion” are two very good words and if anybody is in need for good blog names, be free to use them.


There and Back Again

September 20, 2008

So on my trip, I found out many things about myself from this Wilderness Orientation thing. My goals and priorities have changed considerably. But the main thing is to maintain the current course and take a higher road. 

I have since moved in and gotten somewhat used to residence hall life (It’s just a fancy word for dormitory). I have learned that the usual and generic UCSC student is one of four things:

  1. A complete stoner who enjoys getting high so much he did it considerably this year.
  2. An overzealous young person whose naiveté is so unbearable it’s embarrassing as well as annoying.
  3. A person who had high hopes for the college admission process but was disillusioned.
  4. A combination of these in varying amounts.

I quite enjoy my room as well as my floor. I can safely say it’s one of the most active floors on campus. If not the most. I will post pictures when I feel more comfortable here. It might be when most other people have classes. Or a normal weekend. Whichever comes first.

I’m Off…

September 9, 2008

I will be gone on a trasitionary trip from civilian life to that of a collegiate career. And I will admit it is slightly melancholic. I’m gonna miss the city, but more important, I think, are the people that won’t be here when I come visit. So it’s a not so tearful but heartfelt goodbye to the place I called home up til now. Hopefully I’m ready for it, but the odds are against me. 

Also, a very sincere happy birthday to my father, for better or for worse.

Asian Moment

September 3, 2008

While trying to sign up for automatic payment for college fees…

DAD: Wait, what’s this $0.95 cent charge?

me: Convenience fee, see?

DAD: It’s $0.23 to send it in through mail… [pause] forget it.

Yes, my dad is so cheap, he opted to mail in the payment to save $0.72.