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I Wish

August 30, 2008

I wish I could pull off the bucket hat like Gregg Alexander.


OMG Shoes.

August 24, 2008

So now the olympics are over. It was a very cool and exciting 16 days of competition and athletics. I can’t wait for 2012 in London. Hopefully, by that time I’ll own a DVR or something. I can’t stand this nocturnal two weeks again. 

So, I was shoe shopping downtown a couple days ago and I saw these shoes.

They are called the Nike Skeets. So when I went to get a closer look, they read “skeet skeet”. It made me laugh. Kinda wish I bought them. I need new shoes.

There also the Closing Ceremonies. It’s the first time I’ve been in awe about shoes. I want a pair of these badly.

The description online reads: “Nike Air Force 1 “Closing Ceremonies” is Nike’s way of closing the games with a bang. It comes in a gold upper of course, along with a laser etched graphic all over the upper. The shoe as well as a special 080808 box will be released on August 25th.”

Disappointing End to Summer

August 22, 2008

So only just now have I realized that I’ve spent two weeks indoors almost exclusively. And I haven’t been able to muster up the energy to go out. And I’ve reached an epiphany. I’ve always thought that Lowell was a place where cliques and groups were transcended, but I’ve been wrong. Let’s just say that it’s left me with ultimately a very few people I can count on. 

Another thing this time at home has produced is a discovery of many different links of interest. A few your your singular interest.

  1. Satisfaction Levels of Elite Track and Field Athletes in South Korea — A very interesting study which shows why there are not many Track and Field Athletes that come from South Korea. It’s pretty old, but seems conclusive. 
  2. Prerace Jitters — A blog which includes in it’s usual postings the happenings of the Olympic Track and Field scene.
  3. Volunteers of the Month: June 2008 — One of probably three sites that I looked at that wasn’t about Track and Field. 
  4. Fate of the Fossa in Madagascar: July 2008 Archives — A friend’s group’s log of his trip to Madagascar. Some are even by him and many of the pictures are his.
  5. Zamzar — A file converting site. I use it to convert sound only youtube videos into mp3s.

Track Spikes

August 18, 2008

So I don’t think I do much shopping. I look at some things from time to time, but those are few and far in between. My one exception: Track. I love track spikes. They’re my one weakness. I own a few spikes.

My first pair ever: Asics Hypersprints, the old ones — $20.

[Since they’re old, they no longer make them, meaning there’s no online picture of them.]

My jumping pair: Nike Men’s Zoom TJ/PV — $60 (I got them for $40).

My distance pair: New Balance LDS605 — $50.

My free pair: Nike Zoom Rivals III — $0 (from Floob. Thank you Floob) (Also, different colors. Silver and Black).

But if I were to get a whole new set, I’d want these.

Sprint: Nike Zoom Rival S IV

Long Jump: Nike Zoom Long Jump III

Mid-distance: Adidas Men’s Beijing MD

Beijing Olympics: Day 8

August 15, 2008

So for about a week now, The thing that’s been taking up most of my time was the Olympics. I’ve caught the fever. And I’ve seen a lot of the amazing events of this year’s games. Phelp’s seven gold medals, US Men’s Gymnastics’ bronze medals, Rogers and Dalhausser’s quest for gold, May and Walsh’s quest to defend their gold. I gotta say, I think I’ve got a little crush on Shawn Johnson.

And amazing as these games are, they’ve made it so I haven’t gone out so much. And it’s depressing. And irritating. And frustrating. I need to get out more. Which is what I did last night. I went to YFAT’s Con[Fused] performance and it worth missing some of the games. You should have been there.

And since everyone’s into what they wear (Hypsterism, fazed-girl, Yellow come to mind) Here’s my attempt.

[T-shirt: Korea, gift from Mom | Jacket: Alfani | Jeans: Billabong | Lanyard: Royenah]

I’m sorry I don’t know how much my clothes cost.

Let The Games Begin!

August 9, 2008

And so, as of 6:00 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, the 29th Olympiad held in Beijing was officially opened. And unfortunately, I didn’t see the live broadcast, but the taped one. It did not in any way take away from the unbelievable performance set by the Chinese. I was never one to be amazed and awed by fireworks, but the pyrotechnics of that show were enough to blow me away. The performances were awesome. Even the final torch lighting was phenomenal. As Bob Costas put it, it defied superlatives. And as a spectator put it, London has quite a job ahead of itself.  

And so, with the competitive, inspiring atmosphere that comes with the Olympics, comes the naive and optimistic minded attitude of the world. I know of the many things that China has done against its citizens. It has stifled free speech. It’s a communist country (though not a bad thing, objectively). It is in a big brother type of control over people and other countries. Tibet, Myanmar, and North Korea to name a few. But it’s during the Olympics I feel this unfounded feeling of hope for humanity, despite all the screw ups and atrocities that we commit upon each other. I believe in Olympic truce. In the unity of the world. In the dream that world peace is a possible thing. So I look forward to the 29th Olympiad, not with the mind of an activist, but as a spectator, as wide eyed and eager as ever.

So, my hope for these Olympics is clean competition, and a memorable month of August. Let the Games Begin.

Three Cheers for Camp Royenah…

August 2, 2008

So this was the year. My final year. My final year as a scout. And I spent it as I knew best. At Camp Royenah. And it was arguably the best week of my summer. I did color guard. I took American Heritage. I played more basketball this week than I ever have before. I got to know more of the camp. And I turned eighteen, an experience that comes once in a lifetime. 

And what did I learn from my week up at camp?

  1. Mountain Man Dave is the most honest person I have ever met.
  2. Tree climbing hurts.
  3. Liquor tastes horrible.
  4. Not everybody knows how to play Deuces.
  5. California Redwood trees are the most majestic trees in the world. Hands Down.
  6. I miss San Francisco.

Now I’m off to get ready to work for twelve hours at San Francisco Marathon. Be Good.